LUVIR Technology ®

The task of direct imaging for conventional / standard solder mask in the PCB process has ever been challenging, since solder mask needs significant higher amounts of UV-energy compared to dry-film. Process times of current direct imaging / multi-wavelength technologies are still not suitable for high-volume requirements.

In order to tackle this task, Limata has developed a completely new approach for solder mask exposure. The LUVIR Technology ® is a unique combination of both UV-Light and IR-Laser Power where the IR serves to heat up the ink directly before the UV–Light starts the polymerization. The heat makes the solder mask ink more reactive for the polymerization process, which significantly reduces the UV-Power needed for the complete polymerization of the ink. This results in a faster and more efficient solder mask imaging process at higher capacity levels (prints / hour) with no compromises on surface quality, resolution and accuracy.

Higher capacity levels with LUVIR are particularly achieved on all conventional solder mask ink types and colours (i.e. green / black) requiring high-UV energy doses between 400 – 1,000 mJ/cm2, and accounting for ca. 90% of the total inks used in the standard PCB solder mask process. The continuous further use and imaging of PCB customer’s process proven conventional solder mask inks secures process stability, protects yields and saves material costs (vs. converting to more expensive DI inks) on a PCB factory level.

Green solder resist
Black solder resist
Black, red, white, green

LUVIR is available on all LIMATA X-system platforms in modular imaging configurations according to each PCB customers’ individual capacity requirements, PCB product mix and equipment budget.

LUVIR Technology

Customer Value proposition (PCB solder mask departments)

Imaging speed and accuracy

Higher panel processing capacity (prints/h) on all conventional ink types from use of unrivalled LUVIR imaging efficiency

High resolution capability (down to 2mil dams) and registration accuracy

Modular and cost efficient LDI system platform
(X-Series with LUVIR inside)

Availability of modular imaging capacity concepts on three system platforms (X1000/ X2000/ X3000) with capacity options ranging from 1-4 UV/IR imaging units

Each system configured to PCB factory‘s real imaging processing requirement (no need to buy imaging capacity which is not needed)

Initial hardware set-up provides for future imaging capacity upgrades (field-upgrade capability)

„Ease-of use“ and operator friendly handling

Reliability and lower Cost of Ownership

Reliable and stable DMD/DLP real UV-chipsets with UV-LED / Laser &IR laser imaging set-up supports longer equipment uptime at lower maintenance and replacement costs over the equipment life-cycle

No change of ink and process adjustments from use of LDI needed

Higher capacity levels with LUVIR direct imaging on all conventional solder mask ink types, enable PCB manufacturers to further use and expose their end customer approved conventional inks at lower ink material costs (vs. converting to DI inks)

LUVIR Technology

Award winning technology (PCB & EMS 2019)

LUVIR Technology won the Productronica Innovation Award 2019 in the PCB & EMS Cluster.

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