About us

We are an innovative supplier of laser direct imaging (LDI) system solutions for various PCB manufacturing environments and adjacent markets. Our system product portfolio ranges from LDI system configurations for high-mix and emerging PCB niche applications up to fully automated LDI system solutions for mass production environments.

We are an entrepreneurial, innovation and customer driven organization with staff, operations and/or value adding sales partnerships in all key PCB manufacturing regions. The core of our operation is Ismaning near Munich (Germany) which is also home to our R&D/development, engineering and applications team.


Your solutions provider for direct imaging

Based on our in-house developed direct imaging technology combined with an advanced and modular configureable hardware system platform (X-Series), LIMATA laser direct imaging solutions enable PCB manufacturers to maintain high production yields and to increase image quality and output for standard and advanced PCB applications at lower cost of ownership over the LDI equipment lifecycle. We are committed to closely working and partner with our customers and stretch ourselves in order to deliver the best LDI solution for their PCB application and process (or to solve their problem).

Delivering smart system solutions for your PCB imaging process

Your individual PCB product application and process requirements are key. The customization of our LDI system products with innovative imaging concepts, optimized hardware and automation features, IoT data processing interfaces and technological advancements are one of our core expertises. This approach allows us to align to your individual imaging needs and to continously adapt to new market requirements („time-to-market“).

LIMATA 激光直接成像







  • 对位和成像的高精度(线的直线均一性)
  • 更高的平行景深
  • 产品和制程的可追溯性(数据接口)
  • 更高的生产性参数和更高的质量(更高的产量和良率)
  • 对比接触式模板曝光显影技术或者老的阻焊层固化技术,更低的制程成本和更低的生产成本