X 1000


Universal and cost-efficient Direct Imaging (DI) system platform
designed for the flexible use in PCB manufacturing environments during the dry-film patterning or solder mask imaging process


The LIMATA X1000 series is a universal and cost-efficient Direct Imaging (DI) system platform designed for the flexible use in PCB manufacturing environments during the dry-film patterning or solder mask imaging process.

The new X1000 DI system platform ensures maximum efficiency and throughput – i.e. from the use of LIMATA’s proprietary and in-house developed LUVIR (UV/IR) technology for solder mask imaging – at lowest possible TCO’s (Total Cost of Ownership) over the equipment life-cycle. Ideal for PCB manufacturers (or special PCB divisions of larger PCB makers) with imaging capacity/output requirements up to 2.000 panels per day (HDI, standard-rigid, flex) in a multi-shift operational mode. The use of LIMATA’s in-house developed LUVIR technology ensures competitive

An optimized system operations footprint further provides for an easier placement and system movement within each facility.

Fully-integrated single and reel-to-reel automation (for flexible PCB’s) options can be provided upon request.

Key system features

  • New flexible direct imaging platform for the maskless direct imaging of green, black, blue, white and red colored solder mask inks and dry-film resists (conventional and DI inks)
  • Fully automated X1000A inline solution
  • UV-laser or UV-LED set-up with >25.000 hours lifetime (MTBF)
  • LIMATA’s proprietary and in-house developed LUVIR (UV/IR) solder mask imaging technology accelerates imaging speed on all standard / conventional solder mask materials, ensuring a continuous use of conventional ink types in the solder mask process (no requirement for DI inks)
  • RGB & IR camera lightning for easy fiducial detection on all solder mask colors
  • Highest optical depth of focus for an uniform power distribution on copper and base material
  • Unique modular imaging head concept provides for in-field system capacity upgrades (additional imaging units or IR modules)
  • Direct imaging capability on all conventional standard mask ink types (i.e. Tayio) at highly competitive throughput capacity levels
  • Ease-of-use operator friendly data interface
  • Designed to minimize maintenance, downtimes and service costs over the entire DI equipment lifetime

Imaging technologies

  • High-speed Galvo-Scan Laser Technology or Real UV DMD/DLP chipset
  • UV- diode laser or multi-wavelength UV-LED setup
  • IR-Module (for solder mask applications) / LUVIR Technology
  • Highly telecentrical optical system incl. auto-focus functionality

Modular direct imaging set-up

  • Based on the specific solder mask ink type and color, energy levels (mJ/cm2) and direct imaging capacity requirements, the optimum UV-laser/LED  and IR-imaging Setup can be selected and configured according to individual customer capacity needs
  • Possibility to conduct in-field upgrades for increased imaging capacities (additional imaging heads and IR modules) enabled by a modular „plug-in” concept.

X1000 - Options


Advanced IC substrate capability down to 12 um / 0.6 mil Line / space with industrial speed

Smaller resolutions on request possible

Partial Registration
Partial Registration

Detection of multiple fiducials for maximum registration accuracy


Individual QR-Codes / Data Matrix Code / Barcodes or serial numbers can be imaged on the fly

MES interface
MES interface

Customized interface programming (ERP / production data bases)

Industrie 4.0 realtime production overview and predictive maintenance capability

DI Automation (Island of Automation / In-line)

PCB Applications

Standard PCB and HDI

  • Standard (rigid)
  • Standard (flex)
  • Standard (rigid-flex)
  • Any layer PCB
  • mSAP (semi-additive)
  • IC-Substrate
  • Wafer

Solder mask inks

(conventional and DI inks)

  • Green
  • Black
  • Blue
  • White
  • Red